External Eligibility

A process to provide an opportunity to submit local projects for FESBC funding consideration from eligible interested parties who are “external” to the Provincial government, including: local governments, First Nation governments and area based tenure holders follows in this document. When considering participation in the program, eligible parties, as noted above, should seek input and support from District staff, who have local knowledge about: areas requiring wildfire risk reduction/mitigation, the rehabilitation needs of fire damaged or low value stands, and wildlife habitat enhancement priorities. Eligible parties who wish to propose a project must follow the “two stage” process outlined here. District staff will be asked to assess the suitability of proposed projects in meeting FLNRO’s strategic objectives and FESBC project selection criteria. Districts will include those external projects that they support in their prioritized project lists. These will form part of the Regional FEP investment plans to be submitted to FESBC for review and funding consideration.

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