Forest Enhancement Society of BC and Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation Expand Partnership

Last September, the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) announced the commitment of up to $1 million for wildlife conservation projects through the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) using HCTF’s grant application process. Following this announcement, HCTF received a record number of wildlife funding applications with applicants requesting double the amount of funding that has historically been available.

In order to fund more projects that improve habitat for wildlife in BC, FESBC has decided to double their investment for 2018-19 and commit up to $2 million dollars to wildlife conservation projects that meet both agencies’ wildlife enhancement objectives.

Applications submitted in November 2017 are currently being reviewed by HCTF technical committees to identify those that are technically sound, address important wildlife conservation issues, and have a high likelihood of success. A list of projects meeting these criteria will be provided to FESBC, who will then identify the projects they wish to invest in. Grants will be administered by HCTF, who will notify successful applicants by March of 2018.


Steven F. Kozuki, Executive Director, Forest Enhancement Society of BC –

“FESBC has chosen to invest through HCTF because of the rigorous way in which the organization evaluates funding proposals. HCTF is unrivalled in their use of science to make decisions about which projects will have the greatest conservation impact and the highest likelihood of success. FESBC is delighted to collaborate with HCTF for the benefit of wildlife and people who rely on wildlife.”

Brian Springinotic, CEO, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation –

"Both HCTF and FESBC have mandates to improve wildlife habitat in the province. In a time that wildlife habitat and populations are under increasing pressures, this partnership extends the reach of both organizations and reduces the administrative burden on dozens of project proponents. We are continuously working to improve and streamline our application and reporting processes for the benefit of our grantees and partners wishing to invest in conservation in BC.”

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