Forest Enhancement Society of BC Renews and Expands Agreement with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation to Increase Funding Availability for Wildlife Habitat Improvements

The Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC) is pleased to announce that we have renewed and expanded our agreement with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF). FESBC will be contributing up to one million dollars for projects that improve forested habitat for wildlife in 2018. This will be in addition to the two to three million dollars that HCTF grants to wildlife projects annually.

About HCTF

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) is an environmental granting organization that provides funding for fish, wildlife and habitat projects in BC. This non-profit, charitable Foundation has a long track record of investing in projects that effectively conserve habitat and enhance populations of native fish and wildlife; since 1981, HCTF has granted over $160 Million dollars to more than 2000 conservation projects in BC. HCTF began as an initiative of the anglers, hunters, trappers and guide outfitters of BC, and continues to grow its capacity to make a difference for conservation through partnerships with organizations such as FESBC.

FESBC and HCTF: Natural Partners

Both FESBC and HCTF have a mandate to improve habitat for wildlife. HCTF has over 35 years of experience in administering grants for projects that enhance wildlife habitat in BC. By partnering with HCTF, FESBC is able to efficiently invest in high-quality projects that fulfill their mandate and make a meaningful contribution to conservation in BC. The partnership between HCTF and FESBC also has the benefit of reducing the administrative burden on project proponents by consolidating grant application and reporting processes.

Funding Process

FESBC will continue to use the HCTF application and technical review process to help select the wildlife habitat projects they wish to fund. To apply for wildlife habitat improvement funding, you will need to complete an HCTF Enhancement & Restoration Grant application using HCTF’s online application system. Applications must be submitted by HCTF’s deadline of November 2nd, 2017.

If your project meets multiple FESBC purposes or you are uncertain where to apply and would like to discuss your proposal, please contact the FESBC via email: or phone: 1-877-225-2010 to be directed to the appropriate regional Operations Manager. Please note that you may not apply to both organizations for the same project.

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Please contact Kathryn Martell for questions about the HCTF grant intake process:

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