Forest Enhancement Society of BC First Annual General Meeting & 2016 Annual Report

The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) held its first Annual General Meeting on May 16th, 2017 in Victoria, BC.

The Society’s Board of Directors passed several resolutions including:

  • Receiving and approving the Auditor’s Findings Report and Financial Statements for 2016 as presented by KPMG,
  • Appointing KPMG as auditors of the Society for the upcoming fiscal,
  • Confirming the Society’s current directors, and
  • Replacing the current By-Laws of the Society with an updated version in compliance with the BC Societies Act.

At the first regular Board of Directors meeting immediately following the AGM, the following Board officers were elected and positions confirmed:

  • Wayne Clogg, Board Chair
  • Jim Snetsinger, Vice-Chair and Governance Chair
  • David Peterson, Audit and Finance Chair
  • Mary Sue Maloughney, Human Resources Chair

Director Derek Orr’s resignation from the Board was also accepted by the directors at that time.

Of note, in conjunction with the AGM, FESBC has now published the 2016 Annual Report which includes a message from the Board Chair, a listing of funded projects, highlights from a cross-section of funded projects and details the accomplishments during its first year of operation. The 2016 Annual Report captures the significant strides the Society has made in its first full year of operation. It is published on the FESBC website at the link below.

Learn More:
2016 Financial Statements are available here:
The 2016 Forest Enhancement Society of BC Annual Report is available from a link on the main page: