Greg Anderson, Executive Director, Forest Enhancement Society of BC Announces Intention to Step Down

In May, at the Forest Enhancement Society of BC’s first Annual General Meeting, Executive Director Greg Anderson advised the FESBC Board of his intention to retire and asked the Board to begin the process of choosing his successor.

In formally announcing his decision, Anderson said, “I have enjoyed my time with the Society and I’m proud of the significant accomplishments we have made in our first year of existence – it’s taken tremendous and dedicated effort on the part of our staff and the Board. The Board has been amazingly supportive during the Society’s first year and our staff are among the most competent that I’ve worked with during my 35-year career. Now that our Society’s foundation is solidly built, it’s time for me to retire in favour of an ED who can make a multi-year commitment to continue building upon what we have. Given where I am at in my life, that is a commitment I cannot make. For that reason, I believe the best thing for the Society going forward is for me to ask the Board to begin the process of choosing my successor.”

To ensure a successful transition, Anderson plans to stay on with FESBC until a new ED is chosen.