Forest Enhancement Society of BC Board Allocates $19 Million to 41 Projects in 3rd Proposal Intake

The Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) is allocating $19 million to 41 projects around BC in their third round of funding commitments, with several deferred proposals still under review. This brings the total funding allocated thus far to $25.2 million since the Society’s inception.

Projects approved for funding include: planning and prescription development; a variety of fuel management treatments to reduce wildfire risk; harvest treatments to help rehabilitate wildfire and Mountain Pine Beetle killed stands; low value forest and wildlife habitat restoration work; proposals for research across the Province; as well as projects to improve the management of greenhouse gases.

In total, 93 proposals throughout BC were received and considered by the FESBC Board of Directors. Projects were evaluated against the Society’s selection criteria of wildfire risk reduction, wildlife habitat restoration, forest rehabilitation, and creating carbon benefits.

The Forest Enhancement Society of BC was created in February 2016 with a grant of $85 million from the Provincial Government to advance and advocate for the environmental and resource stewardship of BC’s forests. Subsequently, an additional grant for $150 million was received from the Provincial Government in February 2017. The purposes of the Society, as stated in its Constitution are to:

  • Prevent and mitigate the impact of wildfires;
  • Improve damaged or low value forests;
  • Improve habitat for wildlife;
  • Support the use of fibre from damaged and low value forests; and
  • Treat forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases.