Forest Enhancement Society of BC Partners with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation to Increase Funding Availability for Wildlife

We are pleased to announce that the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) has signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF). This one-year agreement will result in increased funding available for wildlife habitat projects next year, with FESBC prepared to contribute up to half a million dollars. This will be in addition to the two to three million dollars that HCTF contributes to wildlife projects annually.

About HCTF

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is an environmental granting organization that provides funding for fish, wildlife and habitat projects in BC. Since 1981, HCTF has granted over $160 Million dollars to more than 2000 conservation projects taking place throughout the province. This non-profit, charitable Foundation has a long track record of investing in scientifically sound projects that effectively conserve habitat and enhance populations of native fish and wildlife. The Foundation began as an initiative of the anglers, hunters, trappers and guide outfitters of BC and continues to be primarily funded through licence surcharges, although revenue sources continue to diversify through partnerships such as this LOA with FESBC. You can find out more about HCTF by visiting their website at

FESBC and HCTF: Natural Partners

Both HCTF and FESBC have a mandate to improve habitat for wildlife. HCTF has over 35 years of experience in administering grants for projects that enhance wildlife habitat in BC. By partnering with HCTF, FESBC will be able to efficiently identify high-quality projects that fulfill their mandate and make a meaningful contribution to conservation in BC. The partnership between HCTF and FESBC will also reduce the administrative burden on funding recipients by consolidating grant application and reporting requirements.

Investment of FESBC Funds

FESBC has chosen to use the HCTF application and technical review process to help select wildlife habitat projects they would like to fund. Proposals submitted to HCTF for enhancement & restoration grants by the November 4, 2016 deadline will be reviewed by committees of scientific experts to identify those that are technically sound, address important wildlife conservation issues, and have a high likelihood of success. Projects meeting these criteria will be considered by FESBC for funding, based on alignment with their mandate. Once FESBC has determined the amount they would like to contribute to selected projects, they will transfer this sum to HCTF, who will administer the grants. Recipients of FESBC funding will be notified by HCTF in March 2017, and HCTF and FESBC will jointly announce the list of grant recipients in April 2017.

Quote from Greg Anderson, Executive Director of the Forest Enhancement Society of BC:

‘Improving wildlife habitat is an important part of FESBC’s mandate to advance stewardship of BC’s forests. We’ve chosen to partner with HCTF on the administration of these funds as they have a strong record of investing in scientifically-sound projects that have made important contributions to conservation in BC.’

Quote from Brian Springinotic, CEO of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation:

‘HCTF is happy to have entered into a partnership with the Forest Enhancement Society of BC. This new funding will help meet an increasing need for resources to protect, restore and enhance wildlife habitat, to the benefit of all British Columbians.’