Intake for project proposals closed on November 30th, 2018. If you have questions about additional future intakes, please connect with us at or phone 1.877.225.2010 and we will direct you to the appropriate regional Operations Manager.

Projects for Improving Habitat for Wildlife

FESBC has committed up to $5.5M in funding to HCTF for wildlife projects in forested habitats. Proposed projects primarily focus on improving wildlife habitat. These projects are to be submitted to HCTF through their Restoration and Enhancement Grants application process and must meet HCTF review criteria and priorities. Check the HCTF website for submission dates and further information:


Wildfire Preparedness Grant Applications

Residents can now apply for a chance to receive a $500 award from FireSmart Canada to help their communities hold FireSmart activities or events on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, May 4, 2019.

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Best Management Practices for
Integrated Harvest Operations in BC

Utilizing forest harvest residue is an issue of growing urgency in the British Columbia forest industry. In B.C., forest residues at roadside have traditionally been burned to mitigate fire hazard or, occasionally, they have been left to rot. With an increasing demand for energy and concern over climate change and air quality, burning may no longer be the most desirable practice for dealing with residues. Further, there is an increasing demand for harvest residues by both primary and secondary users to fuel the growing bioeconomy in B.C.

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