Project Name Project Type Project Description
Borland Valley Prescriptions - Trial areas Prescription Pilot project assessing different stand retention levels for fuel treatments.
Borland Valley Treatment - Pilot Treatment Pilot project phase 2 implementing the various treatment options, and obtaining treatment cost data.
Nazko - Pine Treatment & Fire Hazard Reduction Treatment To Improve Damaged / Low Value Forest by removing dead pine and preparing for new reforestation.
Quesnel NRD - Fuel Reduction Around FN Communities Planning / Prescription / Treatment Rehabilitate pine leading stands heavily damaged by mountain pine bark beetle within 5 km of the communities of Nazko and Kluskus.
Williams Lake Community Forest Fire Break Treatment Fire hazard reduction.
Williams Lake Steep Slope Fir Bark Beetle - First Phase Treatment To Prevent & Mitigate the Impact of Wildfires by heli logging Fir beetle attached Douglas fir on steep inaccessible slopes of the non timber harvesting landbase inside the Williams Lake Community Forest.
Williams Lake Steep Slope Fir Bark Beetle - Second Phase Treatment Additional volume was identified during field work. Site conditions are favorable - Amendment approved by the Board.
Williams Lake Wildfire Mitigation and Dry-belt fir rehabilitation Planning & Prescription A strategic planning process to develop opportunities for wildfire risk reduction treatments outside of the Wildland Urban Interface.
Road Rehabilitation in the Chilcotin Planning, Consultation & Treatment This is a high level planning exercise the proponent requests funding to assess the existing condition their traditional territory (approx. 450,0000 ha), identifying possible enhancement opportunities which then will consulted with the Band. An area of approx. 300 ha will then be selected for enhancement and prescriptions will be developed. A phase 2 application will then be submitted to treat the selected area.
Ground-truthing and Prescription Dev of High and Extreme Provincial Threat Analysis Planning & Prescription To ground-truth analysis and mapping of PSTA categories and WUI polygons for up to 47 woodlot licenses within the Cariboo-Chilcotin and to liaise with up to 47 woodlot licensees about various management issues to consider (cut control, private land adjacency, stocking standards, First Nations consultations, etc.) § To develop detailed fuel management prescriptions, layout and mapping where appropriate.
Narcoslie Stand Conversion Planning This is a joint proposal between Pinnacle and West Fraser to rehabilitate 100ha in the Narcoslie East/Udy Creek Area. West Fraser will utilize the sawlogs and Pinnacle will utilize the remaining fibre. Blocks were previously developed by West Fraser.
Feasibility of a centralized sortyard system for increasing fibre utilization and reducing delivered wood costs in low-value/uneconomic MPB stands, Quesnel TSA Planning Proposal is to investigate the feasibility of a centralized sortyard system in the Quesnel TSA for increasing the fibre utilization and delivered wood costs.
The Esdilagh Fire Prevention & Mitigation Project Planning, Prescription, Consultation, Treatment Proponent proposes to assess the fuel types in the Primary fuel breaks Alexandria and Margueritte and then to assess all the forest types in the 21,848 ha in the area, with the hope of treating 3,785 ha and recovering 442,391 m3.
The Chine Rehab, 5500 Rd. Planning, Prescriptions, Consultation, Treatment Transform MPB killed and burned NSR forests efficiently and successfully to productive land in the Lhoosk'uz Dene traditional territory with the assistance of West Fraser Timber.
Anahim Primary Fuel Break – Prescriptions (phase 1) & Partial Treatment (phase 2). Prescriptions Proposal is for Phases 1 and 2 of a three phase process. Phase one is to ground truth and prepare prescription for the proposed primary fuel break running from south of Nimpo Lake to north of Anahim Lake (approx. 55 km). Phase 2 is for completion of treatment that have a high labour component (i.e. immature stands)(est 270 ha). Phase 3 will be for mechanical harvesting where required and will be under a separate application.
Wildfire Risk Reduction/Improving MDWR Prescription & Treatment Proposal is for the development of prescriptions and treatment for the purpose of wildfire risk mitigation and MDWR enhancement on 5 previously harvested blocks (83.1 ha) located on the north side of Hwy 20 on the hill leading to Lee's Corner at Hanceville.
Evaluating the effectiveness of overstorey removal treatments in the rehabilitation of low-value/uneconomic MPB stands in the Cariboo and Omineca Regions Planning, Prescription & Treatment To determine operationally effective innovative strategies for rehabilitating MPB in the BC Northern Interior. Objective is to have sites contribute to the mid term timber supply. Focus on WL but applicable to Vanderhoof, Burns Lake and PG.
NAZBEC Development, Grinding & Sort Yard Prescription & Treatment Proposal is to harvest 583 ha in the Tibbles (74.9 ha), Pantage (163.2 ha) and Clisbako (345 ha) watersheds. The proposed project is the first stage of a broader recipient agreement proposal where NAZBEC will be seeking to be the primary deliver of FES funding in the Quesnel TSA. Proposal has two options, one of which proposes a sort yard but is linked to FPI Inovations proposal getting funding. Proponent does propose to grind and utilize some of the none sawlog fibre.
NAZBEC Mountain Pine Beetle Rehabilitation Planning, Prescription, Layout, Treatment Proposal plans to address MPB stands within 5 km radius of Nazko but out side of the 2 km wide WUI. Funding is request for all phases from planning to treatment. They hope to identify and treat 2,037 ha and recover 203,000 m3. The proposal provides some options as to the disposition of the recovered fibre which is to be determined at a later time.
Esk'etemc Mule Deer Habitat Restoration Treatment Project is for the location and development of spacing prescription in MDWR's located in the Alkali Community Forest. Application for treatment costs will be in a subsequent application to HCTF in the fall.
Ground truth of Proposed Fuel Treatment Areas for Tatla Lake Treatment Proposal is to ground truth proposed primary fuel breaks around Tatla Lake as proposed in the FTO document. Majority of the area to be assessed is located outside of a WUI so application should not need to be submitted to SWPI.
ACFN/Tl'etinqox MPB Rehabilitation & Wildfire Risk Reduction Planning, Prescription, Consultation, Treatment Proposal is to a establish a multi year planning to harvesting program for low value and/or dead stands from Riske Creek to west of Puntzi Lake. Plan would be to harvest 1000 ha in year one, 5000 ha in year 2 and each year there after. Joint project with Alexis Creek First Nation, Anaham Band and Tsi Del Del (FN owned company).
Mule Deer Winter Range Restoration Planning & Prescription Project is for the location and development of spacing/thinning prescription in MDWR's located in the Williams Lake and 100 Mile TSA's.  Application for treatment costs, based on prescriptions developed under this proposal, will be submitted to HCTF in the fall.
South Coast
Access Fuel Treatments Prescription Fire hazard reduction along major access corridors and interface areas.
Prescription development for 11 fire impacted OGMAs - S2S Resource District Prescription Prescription development for 11 fire impacted Old Growth Management Areas leading to the reforestation and long term sustainability of these protected old growth areas.
Municipality of Whistler - Cheakamus Community Forest Prescriptions & Treatment Fuel Management Prescriptions & Treatment to reduce the risk of wildfire impacts to the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Key locations within the Community Forest will be thinned.
Kootenay / Boundary
City of Cranbrook Feasibility Study Planning - Partnership with City of Cranbrook and the Rural Development Fund Economic Analysis to develop and assess the most economically efficient model for addressing low-value biomass in the WUI.
Cranbrook Community Forest College of the Rockies Treatment Wildfire hazard reduction project.
Duck Pasture Treatment Fuel Management Treatment near areas Elko and Baynes Lake.
Gold Creek 3 Treatments / South and West Cranbrook WUI Treatment Wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration.
Prescriptions / South and West Cranbrook WUI Prescription Wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration prescriptions.
Gold Creek 5 / South and West Cranbrook WUI Treatment Wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration treatment.
Indian Springs North and South Prescriptions & Treatment Prescriptions and fuel management treatments for areas adjacent to reserves to reduce forest fire risk.
Sheep Mountain adjacent to community of Elko Treatment Wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration, including UWR and Rare and endangered species.
Premier Provincial Park, BCTS Treatment Partnership with BCTS to perform wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration.
RDCK Kingsgate / Riondel Consultation & Treatment Planning involving multiple stakeholders to develop a coordinated wildfire risk reduction plan. Fuel Management prescriptions designing treatments to reduce overall fuel levels and coordinate with timber harvesting to implement a comprehensive fire break.
RDCK West Arm Planning Planning Developing a collaborative approach to landscape level fire planning.
Regional District Central Kootenay Treatment Fuel Management treatments to protect critical infrastructure and parks, and enhance wildlife habitat.
Rural community of Rushmere Treatment Wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration, including UWR and Rare and endangered species.
Rushmere (Windermere Lake Park) Treatment Fuel Management Treatments which mechanically reduce the tree stocking and reduce ladder fuel build up.
Selkirk Restoration Prescription Rehabilitation work and habitat restoration in response to the Rock Creek wildfire in 2015.
Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative Treatment Implementation of the Slocan Valley Landscape Level Strategic Wildfire Protection Plan and a habitat restoration strategy.
Trench Society - Strauss Road Treatment Fuel Management Treatment designed to reduce the stocking levels and woody fuel levels in this management area.
West Arm Park - Nelson area Prescription Wildfire hazard reduction project.
Westview Estates 10 km South of Cranbrook Treatment Wildfire hazard reduction and habitat restoration.
Westside Lake Community - Fuel Management Treatment Fuel Management Treatments to reduce wildfire risk.
Westview Estates - Landscape fuel break - Trench Society Treatment Fuel Management Treatments to reduce wildfire risk as part of a landscape level plan.
Procter Fuel Treatment Prescription Prescriptions Development of fuel management/stand rehab prescriptions to address forest fuels and improve condition of stand on highly productive site.
May Creek Wildfire Mitigation & Habitat Improvement Project - WBCF Planning, Prescription & Treatment Prescription development and harvesting of low value stand that has multiple forest health issues to provide for community protection and increased habitat values.
Thompson / Okanagan
Baldy Mt Resort Phase 1 - McKinney Planning, Prescription & Treatment Plan and implement a project to reduce the wildfire risk through dead pine harvesting and salvage of fibre to support local energy facility in collaboration with Mnt Baldy development and sustainability.
Bonaparte Prescription & Treatment Conduct thinning treatments of Douglas Fir near the grasslands within the Hat Creek Valley.
Bridle Path landscape Level Fuel Break Planning & Prescription Continuation of a proposed fuel break planning which builds on already successful fire break planning done by Silverstar Ski Resort. This planning will focus on areas adjacent to the Bridle Path recreation trails.
Comstock Fuel Management Project Prescription & Treatment To create a landscape level fuel break to aid in overall wildfire management for the Comstock area.
Garnet Valley Enhancement - Ungulate Winter Range Treatment Enhance ungulate winter range quality and reducing fuel loads in an interface area.
Hat Creek Project Treatment Habitat restoration.
Prescribed Burn in Xaxli'p Survival Territory Planning & Prescription Planning and prescriptions for a prescribed burn to improve wildlife habitat.
Fertilization of Selected Stands on Tree Farm License 59 Prescription & Treatment Fertilize approximately 200 ha of managed forest within Vaseux Creek and Inkaneep watersheds. More landbase available for funding fertilization treatments in subsequent years (5 years total).
Cedar Hills Fire Rehab & Deer Winter Range Improvement Planning & Prescription Assess 315 ha area damaged by the Cedar Hills fire (2005). Generate prescriptions, sow seeds and replant. Includes assessment for wildlife values, in particular for mule deer winter range.
Grant Creek (Princeton) 16 year Re-measurment of Grant Creek Spacing and Fertilization Trial in High Density Lodgepole Pine Locating, re-marking and re-measuring Remeasure trial established in 2001 to determine development trends in high density lodgepole pine stands. Focuses on lodgepole pine stands that were spaced versus stands that were fertilized.
Logan Lake Wildfire Risk Management Plan (WRMP) Planning & Consultation Resubmitted proposal (original submission fall 2016). Funding would contribute to the Logan Lake Wildfire Risk Management Plan (WRMP). Specific activities funded include development of terms of reference, context, risk assessment, management strategies, and WRMP completion.
Logan Lake Community Forest Mountain Pine Beetle Rehabilitation Prescription & Treatment Facilitate treatment of 1240 ha of MPB impacted stands. Perscriptions, site plans, tendering, and treatment is proposed to be funded by FESBC, with reforestation funded by FFT.
Garnet Valley Ungulate Winter Range Enhancement, Phase 2 Planning, Prescription & Treatment Phase 2 of the Garnet Valley project is a continuation of the treatment to thin and burn to for wildfire mitigation and the enhancement of wildlife habitat.
TFL 49 MPB Pine Stand Rehabilitation Project Planning & Treatment Treat and reforest low value MPB killed stands in TFL49 that the licensee has no intentions of harvesting due to high cost of fibre recovery.
Thompson Rivers Landbase Rehabilitation Planning & Prescription Complete a strategic plan for the Thompson Rivers landbase to identify low value stands, MPB impacted stands for treatment. From the strategic plan work with district to find a tenuring method and complete site plans and prescriptions. Carry out treatments and have FFT complete reforestation.
Rehabilitation of Legacy Forest Roads, Skid Trails, Landings and Slides on the Lower North Thompson Community Forest License Area Planning, Prescription & Consultation Rehabilitation and reforestation of legacy roads, skid trails and landings within the Lower North Thompson Community Forest. Project is for planning, prescription and consultation contracts.
Forest Fertilization to Improve the Health, Growth, and Resilience within the Lower North Thompson Community Forest Planning, Prescription and Consultation contracts Planning, prescriptions and consultation for identifying areas for forest fertilization.
Ellis and Penticton Creeks Landscape Level Fuel Breaks Prescription and Operations Prescriptions to create landscape level fuel breaks based off Penticton and Ellis creek drainages to protect homes on bench and high value recreation trails nearby( Three Blind Mice Mtn biking trail and KVR).
Cascades District Mountain Pine Beetle Rehabilitation Planning, Reconnaissance, Treatment, Prescriptions, Contracts Identify Mountain Pine beetle impacted stands that would otherwise not be harvested and treated using an appropriate though not identified tenure tool and reforestation mechanism like FFT.
West Kelowna Wildfires Rehabilitation Project Planning, Prescription Plan and prescribe treatments on crown portion of wildfires in West Kelowna to reduce hazard to recreationists, reduce visual impacts, restore mule deer winter range and work with munipalities and other stakeholders on fire mitigation.
Kenny Dam Wildfire Ecosystem Restoration Prescription & Treatment Pilot project to develop a plan to restore damaged forests in the 2004 Kenny Dam area. A wholistic approach to restoring ecosystem function in this old burnt area.
Little Bobtail Wildfire Ecosystem Restoration Planning, Prescription & Treatment Pilot project to develop a plan to restore damaged forest ecosystems in a recent burnt area of the Bobtail fire in the Vanderhoof and PG Resource Districts.
Vanderhoof / Fort St. James Planning and Prescriptions Prescription Wildfire management planning.
Pilot Mountain Fire Abatement Project Planning & Prescription Planning and prescription development for fuel management treatment for the protection of public (911 emergency repeaters, Regional District, FLNRO repeaters, BC Hydro) and private (CKPG-TV and Telus) communication infrastructures.
Vanderhoof Road Rehab Planning & Prescription Temporary road rehabilitation planning including field reconnaisance, prescription development, information sharing and tendering rehab works on approximately 575 km (460 ha's) of temporary roads in Vanderhoof district.
Ground-truthing and Prescription Development of High and Extreme Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis (PSTA) categories of PG Woodlot Licences within Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) polygons Planning & Prescription Verification of Provincial wildfire threat analysis information on woodlots, analyse managemetn issues to consider, identify areas for potential fuel management treatments and complete field layout, mapping and prescriptions for treatments where applicable. (Probably on areas where harvesting may not be planned for several years, FESBC speculation).
Nadina Burns Lake CF fire break Treatment To prepare and implement a plan to reduce the wildfire risk associated with large areas of dead pine. Reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire near the Villages of Burns Lake and Lake Babine Nation's Woyenne Reserve.
Restoring Endangered Whitebark Pine Ecosystems in Skeena Region Planning & Treatment Collaborative planning & reforestation treatments supporting further sustainability of Whitebark Pine.
Wetzin'kwa Community Forest Planning, Prescription & Consultation Development of a Strategic Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Plan (SWHMP) for the community forest tenure area, to identify and complete prescriptions for specific treatment areas.
Provincial Scope
First Nations Emergency Services Society - Regional Prioritization and Engagement of First Nations for Developing and Implementing FEP Project Initiatives 2017/18 Planning Two pilots to select and develop forest enhancement initiatives and support the capacity of First Nations in developing Forest Enhancment proposals and plans.
First Nations Emergency Services Society FireSmart – Fort Nelson; Assessment Pilot Project Fire Smart FNESS Pilot Project.
Federation of BC Woodlot Associations Provincial Strategic Threat Analysis on Woodlot Licences; Mapping and Analysis Wildfire risk analysis on BC Woodlots.
Burning questions: reducing risks & ensuring return on investments through synthesis & extension of existing information on ecosystem responses to fire. Planning Maximize the return on investment in fire effects research by collecting and analyzing existing data then synthesizing and extending the information on post-burn response of selected ecosystems.Past data on the role of fire in maintaining ecosystem function will be evaluated. key questions to be answered will be, How successfulis reforestation on burned sites, where can prescribed burning be used and to what extent, how does fire affect First Nations traditional use of plants, what is invasive species, livestock and wildlife response to burning, what is the effect of fire on rare plants and biodiversity, and what are responses to burning in face of changing climate?
Innovative forest harvesting and renewal treatments across the climatic range of Douglas Fir Research Building on NSERC grant Fd research, this proposal is to add an evaluation of carbon storage among treatments following harvest, modelling into the future, comparing wildlife habitat and fire resisitance among treatments as well as communicating findings to industry, foresters, First Nations and the public. THe project will also expand to involve First Nations and traditional ecological knowledge.
Planning for reforestation and rehabilitation in future climates Planning, Forest Carbon Initiative Support continued maintenance of and updating of Climate BC and Climate WNA models which is critical to support adapting reforestation practices to a changing climate. Further climate niche operational modelling to extend or refine the models for BC forest ecosystems and tree species
Forest Fertilization Treatment & Surveys Apply fertilizer to areas identified as being nitrogen deficient. Fertilizer application will increase growth rates, improving timber supply and sequestering atmospheric carbon at an improved rate.
Elevating carbon stewardship at the block level Carbon Planning project partnering with BCTS to adresses the issue of slash burning at the provincial scale by establishing a carbon stewardship objective into Forest Stewardship Plans.
Planning & surveys to identify opportunities to improve GHG benefits & stand conditions through reforestation treatments Carbon Long term project. First 2 years (2017-2018) would consist of determining eligible areas for understory planting in understocked or non-satisfactorily restocked stands, and sowing seeds for planting in future years. FESBC funding would focus on areas not requiring overstory removal. In 2019-2020, seedlings would be planted, where carbon benefits would begin.
North East Rehabilitation Program Carbon Partnership with Oil and Gas Commission to reforest areas of disturbance, particularly those caused by oil and gas development. Linear distrubance (i.e., seismic lines) are initially a key priority. Funding would cover two areas. Activity 1 would be planning activities for the parnership between the Office of the Chief Forester and the Oil and Gas Commission. Activity 2 would be operations such as tree planting in disturbed areas, beginning with linear features.
Improved Volume & Carbon Decision Support for Fertilization Projects Carbon Research project which would improve TIPSY modelling of fertilization response. Support project for "Forest fertilization", already approved by FESBC.

Project Updates

Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative

Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative Board members and employees installing signage at an FESBC-funded fuel management project that was recently completed to reduce wildfire risk to the local community.

Slocan Project Staff

Nazko Wildfire Risk Reduction Project

FESBC Board member Jim Snetsinger, FESBC and FLNRO Staff and the Nazko Economic Development Corporation CEO Kevin Ainsworth. The group was enjoying a warm-up coffee during a field trip on February 6, 2017 to review the FESBC fuel management treatment near the community of Nazko in the Quesnel Natural Resource District. A bright but chilly day in the Cariboo Chilcotin – a perfect day for viewing the Nazko Logging Ltd. crew in action.

Nazko Wildfire Risk Reduction Project

Board acting chair Jim Snetsinger discussing the operations with Nazko Economic Development Corporation CEO Kevin Ainsworth. Nazko Logging Ltd. was actively removing and merchandising dead pine as part of the fuel management treatments being designed to protect local communities from the risks of wildfire.

Nazko Wildfire Risk Reduction Project